Chinese Symbol Tattoos: Kai Shu vs Cao Shu Script

Aug 4th

If you love oriental things, why don’t you try to use Chinese symbol tattoosto be carved onto your skins? Well, these Chinese characters are quite famous recently same with Japanese kanji symbol tattoo as well, after some Hollywood actors and famous people are using that, people are getting in a hubbub to desperately make one for themselves. However, as Chinese script learners, we have found out that there are apparently some kind of script that usually used for the tattoo. And two of them will be explained here.

chinese writing tattoos and meaning
chinese writing tattoos and meaning

What is the different between Kai Shu and Cao Shu?

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The Kai Shu Chinese symbol tattoos are more likely the neat one Chinese character. It is the regular script that most Chinese people write in their daily life. It is basically the Chinese alphabet in common way of writing and it is popular due to its neatness.

While the Kai Shu is the peculiar and ordinary Chinese symbol tattoos, the Cao Shu is the opposite of it. It is the one Chinese character with the cursive model which is often used by some old-Chinese scholar and poets to write some poetries and literature. It is more artistic, but less neat compared to the Kai Shu.

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